HAW RIVER, NC  27258

Holiday Stores

Our items are color coded and range from $1.00 to $5.00. Everything is provided on a consignment basis.  You only pay for what you do not return.  We also offer a program to help provide holiday store dollars for some needy children who might otherwise not be able to shop.  These can be used as a reward system through the teacher to those children in need. 

Service is the key ingredient in running a holiday store.  Being a local company we have the ability to offer same day delivery to restock your store or next morning at the latest. Some of our strong holiday stores require up to two deliveries in a day.   No more waiting on UPS or Fed Ex to redeliver.  You have the goods when you need them to help keep your store running and to help keep the children happy.

Piedmont School Sales

This is a service for the children.  We offer our items at the lowest price possible to the children, therefore, allowing them to make the best of the budget their parents allow.  Our Holiday Stores are all about the children.  It is an extremely fun and rewarding event for them as well as the volunteers giving their time to allow this special program to take place. 
We provide envelopes to go home with the students prior to the event.  We can provide sample letters to go home with these envelopes as well. We also provide the bags for the merchandise and some gift wrap for those items that are too big for the bags. We deliver the holiday store boxes to the area you request with our friendly, courteous staff.