We are a member of The AFRDS 
(Association of Fundraising Distributors and Suppliers).



HAW RIVER, NC  27258


Piedmont School Sales

Steve Martinelli


Steve Martinelli is a former Elon University graduate. Steve taught Math & Science in Alamance County prior to entering the fundraising industry.  

He is familiar with the budgetary concerns and needs of our schools and understands the need for a strong fundraising campaign.
We are a local company serving our county and surrounding counties with their fundraising andholiday store needs for the past 30 years.  We have the ability to offer any and all avenues of fundraising to help schools and other groups reach their fundraising goals.  No group is too big or too small.  We will work to help anyone reach their goals.  

Being a local company, not only do we provide jobs to help the local economy, but our tax dollars are spent here as well.  Help us accomplish this to a greater extent by keeping your fundraising programs local as well.  Keeping your fundraising dollars here helps both your group and the community as a whole.

Even though you might not see an item you are looking for on the links provided in our website, we do have access to most any item available in fundraising. Let us work with you to design a program to meet your needs.

We offer all avenues of fundraising from candy to traditional fundraising catalogs to frozen foods to holiday shoppes. If you need it we are here to help.

We are your one stop source for all these needs.

We offer inside delivery of our fundraising products which come to you packed by child and teacher.  Our delivery personnel are polite and friendly and are there to help meet your needs.

We house all our products in our local warehouse so you do not have lengthy wait times to receive your product.  We are also there for you before, during and after the sale.

Your success is our goal!

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